Soccer Field Turf Campaign

2 minutes of your time can help Haas Park get a new soccer field! Please fill out this simple on-line survey. Click here!

The Haas Park Advisory Council has launched our Soccer Field Turf Campaign and

We Need Your Input. Our goal is to replace our deteriorated, unusable soccer field with a new, sustainable athletic turf soccer field.  In order to secure the needed private and public funding to achieve this goal, we need to show our neighborhood enthusiastically supports this project and will vigorously participate in the potential soccer programming that a quality field will make possible.

How can you help?

1) Please fill out our Soccer Field survey – Your signature does not enlist you in the future program and there are no obligations associated with this survey.

2) Please write us an e-mail or letter supporting the project and your desire to have your kids participate

3) Do you have to travel to play soccer? Please, tell us your story by e-mail or letter.

4) Does your child/children love soccer? Please send us photos of them playing soccer or drawings and letters from them about soccer.

5) Please E-mail your friends send them to our site to fill out the survey.

6) Download the attached forms and have your Haas Park friends, family, neighbors and classmates sign up to support.

7) Attend our future presentation forum


How can you get us this information?

1) E-mail us at

2) Mail us at:  Haas Park Advisory Council 2421 N. Fairfield Chicago, IL. 606473) 

3)Drop it off in the Advisory Council mailbox @ the Haas Park Field House



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