Haas Park Open Soccer Tournaments July 13-14

 The Haas Park Advisory Council has formed a partnership with We Got Game to create the Haas FC.  This organization will join with CPD and City Soccer to promote soccer in our community.  We hope to host 3-4 tournaments each year with some focused on team play registration and others focused on open community enrollment.

Saturday, July 13th Open Registration The Community Cup

 This is a tournament for the Haas Park Community. We will divide players into teams to compete in an open style tournament. Mandatory substitutions every 6 minutes ensure all players get in the action. Games will be played on the big field!

 Sunday, July 14th Team Registration The Kick Off

Join us at Haas Park for our first soccer tournament of the Summer! Only 8 teams will be accepted. This tournament will consist of two divisions. The winner of each division will play for the cup!

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Download attached flyer to pass around to your friends!!!


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